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Chia Seeds Benefits – Chia Recipes & Store

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The demand for Chia seeds has been growing for quite some time now. Almost every Heath food shop stores this tiny power seeds now. While previously you could buy those seeds only in well stocked organic stores, today you can get them nearly in every discount drug stores, pharmacies and even in the health department of supermarkets. Depending on the provider and producer of the price of Chia can vary considerably. However, basically, you can get the Chia seeds already for little money.

You can acquire 8oz already for around $3, 1Ib bulk packs already on average $8 to $9. However, particularly price efficient is the price of Chia seeds on the net. Here you can often save quite a bit of money compared to buying locally. Advantageously when buying online, you almost always get a significantly greater amount of packaging.

In average, depending on the quantity ordered, you can save $2 to $10. Here, in our online store, we want to offer you high-quality Chia seeds in large stock volumes at an attractive price. In our store (Chia Seeds Store) you can buy particularly healthy, residue-free Chia seeds.

If you are thinking about buying Chia, we would recommend that you occasionally take a look at our current offers. With all our Chia seeds on offer, we always guarantee you, an exceptionally high quality and a favorable price-performance ratio. With us, you can buy Chia seeds without any hesitation and thus take advantage from its diverse benefits. The Chia seeds you can combine with creative, yummy recipes or enjoy them dry.



What you will learn in this section:


Our Chia seeds guide is designed to introduce you to Chia, to the origins of Chia seeds, its benefits up to its supportiveness, if you think, for example, in terms of weight loss or just to live healthily you will get the full benefit of our Chia seeds.


Chia seeds – A gift of nature

Health and well-being as known are considerably influenced by our diet. Year by year the knowledge of healthy eating as well as the interest of society increases. More and more people want to do something good for their body on a daily basis. Yet, it has to be simple enough such as with natural remedies. Just to mention one example, using Chia seeds to lose weight.

Meanwhile, the North-American market has become aware of the many benefits of so-called super foods. To earn the label “Super Food” any food must have a lot to offer.

Essential criteria here are not only the distribution of macronutrients but also and above all the individual wealth of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Superfoods guarantee even in a small quantity, an extraordinarily high concentration of essential, health-promoting micronutrients. Therefore, often just a few teaspoons cover reliable your daily needs.

The tiny seeds of Mexican Salvia hispanica (or also known as the Mexican Chia), are power seeds; grains, which definitely got what it takes. The seed of those plants was considered the gold of the ancient Maya. However, it was also appreciated by the Incas and Aztecs. Originally, this plant was only cultivated in the Mexican area. By now, they are also growing in Bolivia, Australia and Guatemala.

Consequently, this plant does best in the tropics or subtropics and can reach an incredible height of up to two meters in a favourable climate. Under favourable conditions, the plant can, however, be planted in the home garden or a greenhouse. An essential requirement, in this case, is a sunny, warm location with possible long frost-free periods.

In optimal conditions, their flowers shine in an intense violet, however, harvested and used are only the white to brown closing capsules in which the precious Chia seeds are encased. Nevertheless, the culturing of the plant requires careful, persevering care, and not everyone cannot afford this amount of time. However, to get the full benefit of the seeds, you can buy high-quality Chia in our store (Chia Seeds Store).


Benefits of Chia Seeds

The seeds obtained from the plant are mainly distinguished by their exceptional nutrimental distribution and by their valuable contents. Chia shines with a surprisingly high proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are in an optimum ratio to each other.

Especially for a plant diet, the seeds are, therefore, perfect as a replacement for fatty fish or fish oil, because the in Chia-oil contained alpha linoleic acids provide a balanced amount of essential, unsaturated fatty acids.

Furthermore, Chia Seeds score with a high content of essential trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. For example, the potassium content is almost twice as high as in bananas, while at the same time, comparing to spinach the Chia seeds contain nearly three times as much iron. Different to other seeds, such as flax seed, Chia seeds, indeed a “small nutrient bomb” can be stored almost indefinitely without losing in nutrients, smell or taste.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Other than theory and food analysists claim Chia seeds offer many advantages and benefits. For once they provide long-lasting energy, and on the other hand, they stimulate a natural digestion.

As part of a whole meal, benefits were observed regarding the blood sugar levels, which, in particular, is beneficial for type 2 diabetic patients. The conversion of carbohydrates to sugar is slightly slower; therefore, high blood sugar spikes can be reliably avoided.

This aspect also proofs beneficial for athletes because the conversion of energy from regular food is slowed down and instead delivers a constant release of energy when eating Chia seeds. This can be enormously beneficial on the endurance during exercise.

Additionally, the Chia seed binds acids and toxins. This is one of the reasons why Chia seeds were already in ancient cultures considered as a natural remedy. The heath benefit, therefore, is that potential or existing diseases can be prevented, stabilized or directly counteracted. The Chia seeds are particularly suitable for joint and muscle pain; they also accelerate the healing of wounds for the sufferer of diabetes, heartburn, thyroid disease, gluten intolerance, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and obesity. In our store (Chia Seeds Store) you can buy Chia seeds and try for yourself our recommended recipes to benefit from the full power of Chia seeds.

When preparing your Chia seeds meal, there is not much to observe. Chia seeds can be consumed dry, soaked and in a combination of many other foods. However, you should be aware, not to heat the Chia seeds too much as heat might destroy some of its ingredients and therefore, compromise the valuable health benefits of Chia seeds.


Health benefits of Chia seeds when losing weight or just simply to stay healthy

Loss Weight with Chia Seeds, Diet

As already mentioned Chia seeds have numerous health and nutritional benefits. Virtually, they contain all the nutrients your body needs to function vital and healthy.

However, what few people know is, Chia seeds can be extremely supportive and beneficial during dieting. Here must be said that the Chia seeds itself does not cause the weight loss, but it benefits your feeling of satiation while at the same time keeps the blood-sugar level stable.

Both factors contribute substantially in removing excess body fat. Nonetheless, you still should pay attention to a healthy, low-calorie diet with adequate exercise.

Furthermore, the seeds provide a stable water balance. Due to the high-protein content, the fat-burning ability of your body is accelerated. Basically: The health benefits of the Chia seeds are especially not to be underestimated while dieting.

If you want to lose weight, those “power grains” are extremely satiating as well as a healthy natural food product. At the same time, the Chia seeds are extremely beneficial and supportive in your attempt to lose those extra pounds. Sounds interesting? Then take a look here at our store (Chia Seeds Store), where you can easily buy Chia.


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